The Reason Why the Gas Pump Nozzle Is Always Shutting Off on You

Problems at the gas pump? It's probably not your car's fault.
Problems at the gas pump? It's probably not your car's fault.
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It’s a beautiful day. You’re out for a drive. Your fuel tank is getting low. You pull into a gas station and select some unleaded. Periodically, the gas pump stops working, switching off with a chonk. You start it again. It happens again. You sell your car. You start walking everywhere.

全天幸运飞艇数据网页。There’s actually a reason gas pumps have the annoying habit of shutting off for no obvious purpose. According to , it has to do with an abundance of caution.

At the very tip of the gas全天幸运飞艇数据网页。 nozzle is a shut-off sensor port. A hole is connected to a pipe inset inside the fuel nozzle. The pipe takes in air. If it stops being able to “breathe,” the resulting vacuum shuts off the flow of fuel to prevent gas from backing up. Thus, your refueling efforts are interrupted.

全天幸运飞艇数据网页。The hole can be blocked as the level of gas in your tank rises, or even if a little splash-back occurs. The liquid blocks the airflow, the pump stops, the obstruction is cleared, and the pump will resume once you depress the handle again.

It’s likely some cars are more prone to this than others. That’s because a shorter pipe leading from the fuel cap to the tank can get clogged more easily, where a longer pipe allows for better flow. If the fuel pump you’re using shoots out gas like a Super Soaker, then the shut-off sensor is at increased risk of being triggered. Fuel pump nozzles can also deteriorate over time, leading to an uneven distribution of gas and causing sensor port problems.

In that case, you’d want to adjust the clip on the pump to slow down the flow rate. You can also stop squeezing the trigger so hard, or maybe adjust the nozzle tip so it has a little more breathing room.

全天幸运飞艇数据网页。If none of that works and the pump is still working in spurts, then it might be time to have a mechanic check the fuel tank for a clogged line. It could also be a vent valve failure, where the car's system for venting fumes is affected and air pressure to build up, which can prompt the pump to shut off.

While it’s certainly a nuisance, the end goal is to make sure gas station customers aren’t showered in gasoline. For that, the occasional chonk is worth tolerating.

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Keep Hackers Out Forever With This Top-Rated VPN for Just $39

Poike/iStock via Getty Images Plus
Poike/iStock via Getty Images Plus

全天幸运飞艇数据网页。Think for a moment about how many private interactions you have on the internet. Saved passwords, credit card information, private conversations, medical records— almost your entire identity. Protect your privacy and identity across five devices for under $40 with a , which provides you peace of mind to continue using online conveniences without fear, bandwidth limits, or geographic restrictions.

Daily protection is extremely important when almost every transaction is made online. Groceries, movies, games, bills, and so much more are all paid for online with your personal and accessible information—but the concern doesn’t stop with others’ access to you. What happens when you’re restricted from accessing parts of the internet yourself? will also bypass censorship to allow you access to any site you’d like. This comes in handy when you’re traveling abroad in countries that restrict access to sites like Facebook.

More than 10 million customers globally have trusted with their internet access, identity, and privacy without compromised browsing speeds or the danger of leaving data exposed to theft and fraud. If the reviews of the general public don’t sway you, perhaps the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption will (that’s cybersecurity lingo for very secure).

全天幸运飞艇数据网页。While can't keep your fingers from accidentally sending that Snapchat to the wrong person (that’s on you), it can protect you from the privacy violations that are out of your control and often go undetected. Add to your cybersecurity toolkit at the sale price of $39, and enjoy a massive selection of servers worldwide, a rich variety of VPN protocols, and much more to keep hackers out of your sensitive data for a lifetime.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription - $39

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The Reason We Get Morning Breath

Morning breath is a common condition.
Morning breath is a common condition.
fizkes/iStock via Getty Images

If you’ve ever woken up to a dog panting in your face, you know morning breath can be a problem. But the dog might be suffering from you, too. Having halitosis, or bad breath, upon waking is a common occurrence. But what causes it?

According to Sally J. Cram, a Washington, D.C.-area periodontist who spoke with , foul breath in the morning is attributable to our mouths drying out while we sleep. Without moisture, bacteria that causes odor can multiply. Snoring or breathing through your mouth can worsen the issue.

Additionally, medications that cause mouth dryness can make the situation even more unpalatable, especially if they’re taken right before bed. Allergy sufferers get it from both sides. If they take allergy medication, they might create a desert landscape in their mouth. If they don’t, mucus from allergic reactions present a buffet for bacteria.

Diet is also important. Eating pungent like garlic or onions before bed can have residual effects even hours later.

全天幸运飞艇数据网页。The steps to combat bad morning breath are pretty well understood. Brush and floss before bed and when you wake up, and don’t forget to scrub your tongue each time. (Bacteria like to collect on the back of the tongue.) If you use mouthwash, make sure it’s for the recommended duration—typically 30 seconds. Any less and you’re not giving it time to kill germs. You can also a little water before hitting the pillow. If bad breath persists, it might be time to visit a dentist.

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