Murder Hornets: 5 Things We Know So Far

Bees are dying at an alarming rate, and murder hornets could make it even worse.
Bees are dying at an alarming rate, and murder hornets could make it even worse.
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In the last few days, it’s been widely reported that a menacing insect known as the “murder hornet” has now made its way to the U.S. from its native Asia, causing alarm among people both with and without entomophobia (fear of insects). While its supersized stinger and crab-like facial pincers make it seem like something straight out of a horror film, there’s no need to don a bulletproof suit for your next stroll in the garden. Here are five things to know about these beasts.

1. The murder hornet's real name is Asian giant hornet.

At 1.5 to 2 inches long, Asian giant hornets, or Vespa mandarinia, are the largest hornet species in the world. They’re characterized by orange and black tiger-like stripes, and the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), their nests are most commonly found in the ground.

2. Murder hornets got their nickname because they can kill humans—but not as easily as you may think.

Jun-ichi Takahashi, a researcher Kyoto Sangyo University in Japan, The New York Times that scientists nicknamed the insects “murder hornets” because they sometimes attack in groups, and the venom from multiple stings can be lethal enough to kill a human—but they don’t usually target humans unless they feel threatened. (In other words, don’t try to swat away a giant hornet.)

While a single sting may not be fatal, it’s still significantly more painful than a regular bee or hornet sting, and the hornet's stinger—nearly one-fourth of an inch long—is big enough to rip through a beekeeping suit. “It was like having red-hot thumbtacks being driven into my flesh,” Conrad Bérubé, a Canadian entomologist and beekeeper who was stung while eradicating a nest found on Vancouver Island, told The New York Times. The next day, he experienced flu-like aches in his legs.

3. Murder hornets pose a serious threat to honeybees.

The most common victim of a murder hornet’s homicidal tendencies is the honeybee. The hornets use their long, spiked mandibles to tear the heads off bees全天幸运飞艇数据网页。, and they carry the bees’ thoraxes back to their nests to feed their young. In mere hours, a few hornets can completely destroy an entire beehive.

4. In the U.S., murder hornets have only been spotted in Washington state (so far).

In December 2019, four sightings of Asian giant hornets, which are native to Japan, China, and other parts of Asia, were reported in Washington state—marking the first time the species had ever been seen in the U.S. They were also spotted in British Columbia, Canada, last year. After conducting genetic tests on specimens, scientists determined that the hornets from British Columbia had no relation to one from Washington, suggesting that the species was introduced into North America on at least two separate occasions.

5. Scientists and beekeepers are working hard to keep murder hornets from spreading across the U.S.

Because the giant hornets kill bees in such large numbers, entomologists, beekeepers, and other researchers are worried about the devastating effect they could have on the already dwindling bee population全天幸运飞艇数据网页。 if they were to become an established invasive species in the U.S. To prevent that from happening, they’re trying to locate giant hornets and exterminate their nests as quickly as possible.

“This is our window to keep it from establishing,” Chris Looney, a WSDA entomologist, told The New York Times全天幸运飞艇数据网页。. “If we can’t do it in the next couple of years, it probably can’t be done.”

Beekeepers are setting up hornet traps near beehives, hoping to catch one of the predators so they can track it back to its nest. Since the hornets' activity inside their nests can raise the temperature to 86°F, scientists are also looking into the possibility of using thermal imaging to locate them.

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Do Dogs Get Headaches?

Even without raging benders, dogs might still get headaches.
Even without raging benders, dogs might still get headaches.
damedeeso/iStock via Getty Images

Like babies, dogs can be hard to read in the medical ailment department. Are they listless because they’re tired, or because they’re sick? What’s behind their whining? And can they suffer that most human of debilitating conditions, the headache?

polled several veterinarians and animal behavior全天幸运飞艇数据网页。 specialists to find out, and the answer seems to be a resounding yes.

Although a dog can’t express discomfort in a specific way, particularly if it doesn’t involve limping, animal experts know that canines that have diagnosed brain tumors or encephalitis can also be observed to have a high heart rate, a sign of physical pain. According to Tim Bentley, an associate professor of veterinary neurology and neurosurgery at Purdue Veterinary Medicine, administering painkillers will bring a dog’s heart rate down. If signs of physical distress also decrease, a headache was likely involved.

Unfortunately, not all dogs may offer overt signals they’re feeling some brain pain. According to Adam Boyko, an associate professor of biomedical sciences at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, dogs instinctively try to mask pain to avoid showing weakness.

Ultimately, dogs have many of the same central neural pathways as humans, which can likely go awry in some of the same ways. But the kind of persistent headaches owing to head colds or hangovers are probably rare in dogs. And while it goes without saying, they definitely don't need any of your Advil.

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