11 Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

gorodenkoff/iStock via Getty Images
gorodenkoff/iStock via Getty Images

If you have an internet connection, it’s easy to keep yourself entertained in quarantine. Having fun with loved ones while practicing social distancing is a little more complicated. It’s important to stay connected to friends and family now more than ever, and that doesn’t just mean calling them on the phone. You may not be able to go out with the people in your life right now, but with a little creativity, you can find new ways to socialize virtually from home.

1. Join a book club.

A book club is a great way to make a solitary activity into a social one. After picking one book to read with your group, schedule a video conference where you can virtually discuss it. Because there can’t be a single host, urge everyone to provide their own wine and personal cheese plates.

2. Host a Netflix Party.

Bing-watching Netflix is one behavior that hasn’t changed for many of us since quarantine started. With the browser extension Netflix Party, you can continue this habit in good company. Get your friends to install the plug-in, pick a movie or show to watch on Netflix, and enjoy a synchronized viewing experience. The movie will start at the same time for everyone, and pause at the same time if someone has to step away for any reason. 

3. Schedule a star-gazing night.

Netflix isn’t the only thing you can watch together with a friend in real time. If you’re miles apart from a loved one, make plans to step outside your homes and look up at the sky one night. You can point out planets and constellations together on a voice or video call. 

4. Cook the same recipe.

Senior couple making video call on phone in modern kitchen.
Share a virtual Sunday night dinner.
Jovanmandic/iStock via Getty Images

Many of us are spending more time than usual making food for ourselves at home. One way to keep cooking from getting tedious is to invite someone to cook along with you. Find a recipe online you both can make (a.k.a one that uses easy-to-find ingredients or items you already have全天幸运飞艇数据网页。 in your pantries) and schedule a time to make it together. Even if you can’t host a dinner party right now, chatting and cooking with a loved one in your respective kitchens is a pretty good compromise. Don’t forget to compare your culinary masterpieces before digging in.

5. Sing bedroom karaoke.

Singing at your computer when you’re alone may feel weird, but to be fair, singing in front of strangers in a bar is also weird. Karaoke is the perfect way to burn off some pent-up stress and energy after being stuck inside all day (or month). Set up a with your friends, look up the instrumental versions of your go-to karaoke tunes, and start passing around the virtual mic. By the time you hit the chorus, you’ll find that belting your lungs out in your empty bedroom is easier than you thought.

6. Put on a fashion show.

After working in your pajamas for weeks, you may find yourself actually missing the uncomfortable yet fabulous clothing items in your closet. Luckily, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear them. Put on a virtual fashion show with your friends where you show off your fanciest, most impractical outfits in a video call. Use this as an opportunity to bust out the tuxedo you bought for that canceled April wedding, or the heels you own that you can’t stand in for more than 10 minutes. Copious screenshots are highly encouraged.

7. Sign up for a group yoga class.

Woman using laptop to take an online yoga class
Work out together, but separately.
Prostock-Studio/iStock via Getty Images

Since yoga studios have had to shutter, many instructors have taken their practices online. Find a live video yoga class happening at a time that works for you and tell your friends to participate. It’s a good way to stay connected on days when you feel too emotionally drained for a virtual happy hour. If the class is free, don’t forget to to the instructor to thank them for their time.

8. Throw a painting party.

Real-life art classes may be canceled, but you can still get some friends together on video to exercise your creative muscles. Ask everyone to assemble their supplies (if they don’t have paints and a canvas, colored pencils, crayons, printer paper, or whatever they have at home works fine) and pick an artwork to recreate. It didn’t matter if there aren’t any Picassos in your friend group—half the fun is laughing over everyone’s attempts as you go.

9. Organize a game of charades.

Visual games that don’t require any special equipment are ideal for virtual game nights. fits this bill perfectly. You don’t even need to split into teams or draw slips from a hat; just have everyone take turns acting out the movie (or book, TV show, etc.) of their choice while the rest of the party guesses. If you need ideas, there are plenty of that generate suggestions of things to act out.

10. Play a board game.

Board games are a classic activity for when you’re stuck at home, and you don’t need a full house to play them. Many popular games—including Clue, Monopoly, and Catan—are available to play as apps. Assemble a virtual board game crew and agree on a game to download. Just make sure to only invite people you can trust to not cheat when they’re hiding behind a phone screen.

11. Start a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

You don’t need to be an expert in high fantasy to enjoy Dungeons & Dragons. You don’t even need to own a 20-sided dice (there are plenty online). Part improv, part game of chance, D&D is for anyone who wants a creative outlet they can share with friends on a semi-regular basis. And because the game mostly consists of narrating what your character is doing, it’s perfect for a group video call. Dungeons & Dragons tools like rule books are now available digitally全天幸运飞艇数据网页。 if you’re looking to get started at home.

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See What a Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back Might Look Like in 2020

Do or do not watch this trailer. There is no 'try.'
Do or do not watch this trailer. There is no 'try.'
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Special effects, cinematography trends, and acting styles may have changed over the last 40 years, but Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) remains one of the most beloved film sequels—even among younger generations of Star Wars全天幸运飞艇数据网页。 fans—to this day.

The trailer, on the other hand, seems pretty outdated, mainly due to the voiceover narration that expels lofty phrases like “an epic of romance, of heroes and villains,” and “a galactic odyssey against oppression.” To see what The Empire Strikes Back would look like with today’s trailer standards, YouTube user created a new one, which relies on dialogue from the film itself to set the stage for the galactic odyssey against oppression.

As Nerdist , AD_edits’s trailer also manages to hint at important plot points without giving too much away, like mentioning that Luke must find a great Jedi master without revealing Yoda’s identity. The original, meanwhile, contains a couple outright spoilers—it shows, for example, Darth Vader全天幸运飞艇数据网页。 sitting at the head of the table in Cloud City, waiting to ambush Han Solo and Princess Leia. Viewers might not have realized the significance when they saw the split-second clip in the trailer, but it would probably ruin the surprise when they watched the actual film.

Of course, there was always the possibility certain parts of the trailer could’ve ended up on the cutting room floor before the movie hit theaters, which has definitely happened before. The Cloud City scene made the final cut, but some storylines from earlier in the filmmaking process weren’t so lucky—in fact, most of the first draft for The Empire Strikes Back was completely scrapped. Find out about Darth Vader’s gargoyle-filled castle, Han Solo’s stepfather, and other axed ideas here.

[h/t ]

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